Baggies™ Luminous Reflector Tote Bag

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Perfect geometric Tote bag for carrying when traveling or in office.

  • Capacious and lightweight Sling bag to carry day-to-day necessities.
  • They are made of reflective material, It looks dark under normal daylight / indoor lights.
  • but you will find more color changing in the sun. It's super reflective when the light hits it, especially at night.
  • Fortified with the enduring zippers to promise unmatched sturdiness.
  • Comprises an up-to-the-minute geometric rainbow design for a chic look.
  • Intended using high-quality material to ensure supreme durability.
  • Provides a main partition for storing your books, tablet, and accessories.
  • Offers a zippered minor pocket within the bag to store keys & cards.
  • Supplies a grander mix and match panache for suit every lady’s fashion.


  • Geometric Tote Bag
  • Premium Quality Laminated Carry Bag
  • Essential Accessories

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